Fortune Cookies Australia.

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Some details and fine print on how to order our personalised fortune cookies.

General information

Freight - allow for freight costs, if they are not quoted. Insurance against damage is the responsibility of the client. Please note we take all care in the handling of the cookies whilst they are in our possession. Freight prices, if quoted are based on one delivery to one location only, any waiting time incurred by our couriers must be paid by the client. For orders outside of Australia, please allow for freight charges, customs clearance cost as well as duty and taxes.

Payment in full is required with a written order accepting our terms and conditions.

Lead time of approx. 2-4 weeks depending on the packaging requirements, quantity and our production schedule at the time of your order. You should allow at least one week for typesetting and approval of the copy. We reserve the right to refuse any order.

Artwork/Copy (wording) must be approved in writing before work can commence. Any artwork or type provided by the client is subject to approval by our printer.

Author's corrections will be charged for, the cost of these corrections will depend on the time required to make the corrections, minimum charge $22.00 incl. GST.

Quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of quotation. Errors and omissions excepted.

Regular sized cookies

a. Single sided black print on white paper, using our standard typeface (logos, colours, proofs etc will be extra);
b. Up to 5(five) different types of insert - mixed (i.e. not kept separate), inserts will be of equal number;
c. Packaging - packed individually or in any multiples up to 15. Packaging will be the same type (ie. number of cookies per packet) for the total order.
d. Regular sized cookies, vanilla flavoured.

Please allow for the following:
Logo - $55.00 including GST per logo, subject to approval by our printer.
Colour - $55.00 including GST per colour, subject to approval by our printer.
Reverse Sided Print - $55.00 including GST
Any variations from the above will require a separate quotation.

Fortune Size is approximately 70mm x 16mm. There is sufficient space for about 120 characters (including spaces) on 3 lines.

Large & medium sized fortune cookies

a. Messages will be supplied and printed by the customer. We can arrange printing if required.
b. Packaging - packed individually. Packaging will be the same type for the total order.
c. Size and shape – because the cookies are hand-made the size, shape and colour of each cookie may vary.

Any variations from the above will require a separate quotation.

Fortune size - We can fold an A4 size sheet of paper into our large cookies.