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Fortune Cookie Sayings

How a folded shred of paper inspired a revolution.

For generations, it has become a tradition to enjoy a sweet, crisp fortune cookie at the end of a delicious meal. May it be a party, a simple dinner, or a special occasion, everyone's favourite part of the meal is breaking past the cookie to find wisdom, inspiration or a glimpse of the future from the fortune cookie saying which lies beneath the crunchy shell. The wisdom contained in the fortune cookie sayings can range from the depths of Chinese mysticism to lighthearted witticisms.

Fortune cookie sayings have always been an integral part of the "moon cakes" that inspired the 12th century revolution. Originally, the fortune cookie phrases were based on ancient proverbs and Confucian teachings. The ancient idea of passing on fortune and goodwill to others through written sayings is a concept that still resonates to an audience in the present day.

Today, a fortune cookie saying can contain anything and customising fortune cookie sayings has become a popular and creative way to present formal invitations to a special event, used as a promotional tool, a thank you gift to party guests or even as a romantic marriage proposal. People often say that the fortune cookie sayings make the fortune cookie - with these customised fortune cookie sayings it now makes a great fortune cookie even more meaningful and remarkable.

Fortune cookie sayings can range from those customised for weddings and engagements, corporate and promotional events, bar/bat mitzvahs, baby showers, birthdays, romantic occasions, thank you gestures and even Halloween treats. Without these inspirational or funny fortune cookie sayings, a fortune cookie would just be any other cookie.