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What Is A Fortune Cookie?

Discover the inner workings of our crispy, baked wonders.

Fortune cookies are a crisp, molded biscuit containing a folded slip of paper. Inside each mysterious cookie lies a message of wisdom and good will waiting to be revealed on opening. Fortune cookies are delicious and enjoyable treats, which are traditionally given to dinner guests at the end of their meals as a thank you gift. Since the fortune cookie is also a great conversation starter, fortune cookies are now often served at restaurants at the beginning of the meal.

In addition to being a great snack and dessert, fortune cookies have been known to bring good fortune and serve many purposes. Our fortune cookies are especially useful as invitations for special events and parties, birthdays, christenings and new product releases.

Sometimes, fortune cookies may also contain a list of lucky numbers which are regularly used as lottery numbers. In the year of 2005, 110 individuals in the US used these lucky numbers found in fortune cookies to win up to $20 million in prize money.

Fortune cookies are also popularly used in wedding proposals. A ring or proposal message may be inserted into the cookie for that romantic touch. The bride and groom may also use fortune cookies as wedding favors or bombonieres to thank their family and friends for their good wishes.

Businesses and fundraisers have used fortune cookies as promotional products to promote their services or products to their potential customers and donators at product launches, conferences and exhibitions. Discounts and vouchers are sometimes added to the message to increase promotion.

In the past, businesses and government authorities have used fortune cookies as training aids to convey motivational and safety messages. In addition to this, social, health, educational and political messages have also been conveyed through fortune cookies in order to communicate important messages as well as kind wishes.